CS 4480, Spring 2000

Once Too Many

Once Too Many collage Tobergo Logo

Once Too Many is the name of the movie that we, Group 1, produced for CS 4480. My group members were Eric Stevens and Mark Haines. The movie is about an epic struggle between good and evil, right and wrong. Well, not really, but it does showcase spectacular special effects courtesy of gvplay. The name Tobergo Pictures originates from our group name, "To-Be-Renamed Group One".

Starring Fillip Zyryanov, Eric Stevens, and Sharon Selick. With Bryan Barnett and Andrea Liatis. Voice-over by Andrew Bozanic.

Mirror: The Motion Picture

Mirror: The Motion Picture

I also produced Mirror: The Motion Picture, a short segment demonstrating chroma keying. This entire movie was filmed in the comforts of my room in Woodruff. Yes, I really was brushing my teeth. I knew that lighting would be poor, so neither blue nor green would do well for chromakeying. Luckily, somebody down the hall had a bright fuscia colored bath towel, which I taped over the real mirror from the 90th frame and on. The blue background seen in the mirror is a bedsheet.


We also had to critique the effects in two movies. We chose two scenes from Contact and the title sequence of Forrest Gump

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